Consultancy Services

Consultancy services

Consultancy servicesCan't see the wood for the trees?

It is often a good idea to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to a project. People close to a business are so involved that mistakes can easily be made and the ideas pool can easily dry out.

At Pixelghetto, we have witnessed this on many occasions. A spelling mistake on an important document such as a sales brochure, a poor quality translation within a business plan or forgetting to place a call to action (CTA) on an advert - These are all things that can damage a brand, a campaign or a project and they are all things that could have easily been avoided.

Remember, it is just business!

Identifying, correcting and learning from past experiences is just sensible. A business consultancy company exists to help you, not make you feel bad, it is not personal, it is just good business.

How can Pixelghetto help you?

Brain storming, solution finding, mind mapping & sales funnels are just a few areas where we can help you. Our team of experts have worked in many industries and on many projects and we are able to put a bespoke team of experts in front of you at short notice. Our consultants are all experienced and successful business people and many have worked at CEO or Director level in large, well-known organisations. We have experience in:

  1. Real estate
  2. Events
  3. News & publications
  4. Food & beverage
  5. Travel & tourism
  6. Financial services
  7. Recruitment
  8. Oil & gas
  9. Crytocurrency and ICO
  10. Mobile phones
  11. Financial accounting
  12. Polish to English translations
  13. Data interrogation and data mining
  14. Leadership and team building
  15. And of course, all aspects of marketing and sales

Business consultants provide management consulting to help organisations improve performance and efficiency. Business owners should consider hiring business consultants when they need help or perspective on their chosen path or need a catalyst for change in their companies. Pixelghetto can help you in the following areas:

  1. Business plans, white papers, executive summaries
  2. Strategic plans
  3. Succession plans
  4. Budgets
  5. Competitive analysis
  6. Market analysis
  7. All aspects of marketing
  8. Risk management
  9. Business expansion & acquisitions
  10. Financial management
  11. Business start-ups
  12. Customer service & operations
  13. Personnel planning
  14. And much more...

If you would like to speak to us about our business consultancy services, please get in touch.

Who we are

We are Pixelghetto, a full-service, results-driven marketing agency. We've been helping our clients build communities inspired by digital since 2000. We're proud to work with established and aspiring brands from across the globe. Our clients are from a diverse range of industries/sectors which include, Architecture, Education, HoReCa, Maritime, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism and many others.


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